6″x6″ Magnets

All Magnets are $15 each or two for $25 plus shipping. Lightweight lovely small works of Art to bring years of delight on your kitchen refrigerator or wherever else you might have unexpected places to put them! All work is glued to acid free foam core board and covered with though clear acrylic outer coating.

Titles of work from top left to bottom right: “Remote”, “Om Sweet Om”, “Sundays Past”, “Jazz” “Lolita 2020”, “New Beginnings”, “Great Catch”, “Animal Friends”, “Ghost Writer”, “Blues Jam”, ” Bride #1″, “Delight!”

I have made over 100 of these on various themes. I can also make them for themes you request. You tell me the elements you require and I will give you at least two possible iterations for you to consider. I can do this for any size collage you wish up to approx. 32″x40″, but expanded sizes also means expanded (or at least increased) prices. contact me at: tmikewalker@gmail.com

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